Why men are more prone to hair fall (Alopecia) than women

You will be amaze to know baldness also known as Alopecia may start in the age of 20 and by the time your age grows this baldness may have androgenic etiology. Alopecia affects 20% of men as of age 20 years and increases by 10% per decade. This means that over half of men aged 50 suffer from baldness.  Alopecia, moderate in the beginning, may occur in young adults and have an androgenic etiology in 95% of cases.

Harmonal Effects

Four centuries before Christ, Hippocrates observed that eunuchs never became bald. As you know the eunuchs never become bald thus discovering that baldness was dependent on a specifically male factor. This harmonal-dependent phenomenon also explains why women suffer less from baldness. Women only suffer hair loss under particular circumstances, such as disease, stress or sometimes the peri-menopausal period, when estrogen levels fall abruptly. This difference is only 1% complaining of excessive hair loss in men than women. There is another difference in favor of women’s hair: its life expectancy is markedly greater, up to 7 years, while, on average, it is only half that for men’s hair. This explains the great length that a woman’s hair may reach.

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