Hair Loss & Hair Thinning Causes of

Accelerated hair loss can be due to variety of reasons such as:

  • Hair treatments
  • Hormonal changes
  • Genetics, stress
  • Environment,
  • DHT (dihydrotesterone) formation
  • Age

These negative influences disturb the healthy condition of hair follicles and result in accelerated hair loss. This condition is known as alopecia.

In Alopecic hair the anagen phase is much shorter (60-80%)and the telogen phase is number longer (20-40%)

Hair Follicles Lifecycle of

Stage 1: Hair growth (anagen)

- 3-6 years
- 85%
- New hair bulb develops during this growth phase

Stage 2: Hair follicle regression (catagen)

- 1-3 weeks
- 1%
- Hair follicle is nearing its end of growth period

Stage 3: Hair shedding & stage of rest (telogen)

- 2-3 months
- 14%
- Dead hair is shed and formation of new hair starts

In healthy condition approximately 85% of hair is in the growth (anagen) stage and 15% in the rest (telogen) stage