hair loss

Hair loss Problem in Early Age

The Common question arises in the mind of men or women, whenever there is hair loss or hair thinning issue. Why my hair is falling or thinning ?

Question becomes more imperative and serious when he or she is young in the age range of 20 to 45 years. There are almost 20 reasons of hair loss or thinning in both the folks whether male or female. This we may discuss later on in any of our forthcoming blogs please be in touch.

Reasons For Hair Loss

Today we are going to throw some light on hair problems which occurs in the age range of 20 yrs to 45 yrs. Hair loss affects number of people at various stages of life for various reason such as change in hormones, stress, unhealthy hair management, genetics, improper diet and more over various cosmetic procedures such as bleaching or perming the hair. Thinning hair, hair loss and other hair related problems may affect as young as in their teens or may be in their early twenties. In fact some of the file data reveals, an estimated 42% of men will have noticeable hair loss by age of 30 to 35, and an estimated 45% of women will have an visible hair loss by the time they are 38 to 40.

It is alarming and scary too. It becomes imperative to act fast while he or she sees a visible signs of hair thinning and hair fall. Also It is important to remember that the earlier thinning hair or hair fall is noticed and if any potential issue is diagnosed, the easier it may be to treat. In early stages of hair fall the solution may be easier & as simple as a minor adjustment in their life routine or may be in diet plan or some proven early treatment as HairKrez may check the hair thinning or Hair loss. In our next issue we may discuss further so that constant hair care may keep you smart, beautiful and confident. Till then please take care of you and your precious hair.